About PATH™

At its core, PATH is an institutional tool that indicates when an individual touch is needed.

We Get It

You got into ministry because people matter. You feel compelled to lead people to meet, follow, and share Jesus.

But over time, things got complicated. Your church and ministries grew (which is great!), but the growth makes it difficult to see individuals through the crowd. This leaves you feeling excited about reaching more people but also burdened with the weight of discipling them well.  

You try to solve this by using a Church Management Software (ChMS), but honestly, it only houses the data you gather. Are you truly maximizing your data and transforming it into discipleship? Every data point represents a soul. Are you treating it that way?

Ultimately, you want to know that:

  • Your church is not only accomplishing your mission but thriving.
  • Your ministries are driving transformation. 
  • Your people are experiencing spiritual growth.

PATH is an engagement software that was created by a church for churches. Here’s how it works: 

  1. People participate in activities where data is collected in your ChMS.
  2. PATH applies logic to that data based on your customized configuration, providing holistic, detailed engagement reports.
  3. You and your staff are armed with clear and actionable data that fuels efficient and effective discipleship.

Stop chasing reports. Start chasing people.

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Does PATH eliminate the need for my ChMS?

No! It actually makes the data you’re collecting in that system more important as it is the source data for the PATH reports.

What does PATH cost?

$200-$1,000 per month based on the size of your church.

Will my data be secure?

We’ve made protecting your data a priority.

From our infrastructure to people, PATH has woven security into every part of our DNA, so you can rest assured that your data is secure.